World of Frida

My endlessly sweet friend Amanda Rosenblatt is an extremely talented photographer. Amanda specializes in creative portraiture and alternative printing processes, and has had her work featured at Jacksonville's Museum of Contemporary Art, and galleries around the country. A few years back, two of her pieces were selected for a show at The Bedford Gallery in


For my 35th (!) birthday, Bill and I went on a quick jaunt to Miami. After living my entire life in Florida, I had somehow never set foot on Miami Beach, and was really in the mood for a tropical-ish getaway before the heat becomes so crushing that your eyelids sweat when you glance out

The Sun Siren

Welcome to my little slice of the internet, The Sun Siren. I've started this blog as a means for inspiration, not only for my readers but for myself. In my life, I have had countless jobs, hobbies, endeavors, and distractions, but I always come back to truly wanting one thing- to express myself. I think